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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Cowhide Rugs Are An Excellent Choice for Contemporary & Traditional Decor

How to Use Cowhide Rugs in Home Décor

Cowhide rugs may not be the first or most obvious choice for home flooring and decor, but their versatility, hypo-allergenic qualities, durability, texture, and naturally beautiful coloring make them the perfect option for a family home. Cowhide rugs are most often black and white or brown and white, making them complementary to almost every color in a home. The most obvious placement would be on the floor, most likely in a wide-open area. This creates a soft and safe space for babies and toddlers to play in. It can also go under coffee tables or couches to help fill in an empty area.

Cowskin rugs may be used in a variety of other settings though. One creative way is as a hanging piece. The rug can be hung in the back of a wide room as an accent piece and as a way to make the room feel slightly softer and cozier. This hanging option works especially well when the walls of the room are painted light blue, gray, or white tones. To make the area feel even cozier, there are a few decoration options to add to the rug. Small yellow lights can be strung around the rug, or framed photos tacked up on top of the “tapestry.” This creates a contrasting focal point while still not being too overpowering.

Cow skin has several other uses as well. For footstools or small chairs that are ugly, torn, or not complementary to the color scheme of a room, the cowhide rug can be draped over the top. It makes the furniture appear more high-end and comfortable to sit in. It also allows for easier cleaning of the furniture, as the rug can be removed and vacuumed or shaken out. Cow skin can even be used as a blanket. Its weight and softness make it a cozy living room addition for fall and winter. When not in use as a blanket, the rug can easily be draped over the back of the couch or placed back on the floor. The last option for cow skin may take a little more skill but will pay off in the long run. Smaller squares of cowskin rugs make excellent pillow covers. They can either be sown directly on to the pillow or fashioned into a pillowcase.

Both of these designs are creative and gorgeous and offer just a bit of interesting pattern to a room. While these skins can be quite beautiful and useful, it is important to remember to not use too much. Since they do have a unique pattern, trying to use this pattern in several locations in the same room can look unplanned and chaotic. Including these cow skins in your home will make any room look unique. Their durability makes them great for a family, while their sleekness also makes them elegant. For those who want the lighthearted ambience of a fur rug, but do not want to suffer through allergies, their hypo-allergenic qualities allow almost everyone to enjoy these gorgeous rugs. Visit to see a full range of cowhides.