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Reasons to Buy a New Vinyl Liner Pool in Bucks and Montgomery County

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any private residence. When choosing a pool, most homeowners find themselves debating between concrete and vinyl pools. There are many reasons to purchase a New vinyl liner pool in Bucks and Montgomery County.

Easier to Maintain

Vinyl pools are much easier to clean and maintain than concrete. Most pool owners find that, as long as the chemicals are properly balanced, all they need is a pool vacuum and bristle brush to keep the pool sparkling clean. The slick surface also makes vinyl less prone to staining or algae growth.

Cleaning a vinyl pool is simple. Pool owners should scoop out any loose debris or insects on a daily basis. The sides of the pool can easily be wiped down with a soft brush. These simple tasks will extend the life of the vinyl pool liner.

Budget Friendly

Pools are an investment, and even the smallest pool will cost a good deal of money. While both vinyl and concrete pools are custom made, vinyl pools tend to be much more budget friendly to install. The cost of vinyl is significantly less than concrete.

Vinyl pools generally cost thousands of dollars less than concrete pools to install. Repairs are generally cheaper as well. Warranties for vinyl are usually more comprehensive than those offered for new concrete pools.

It is important to note that vinyl liners do not last forever. They can tear with use. However, with proper care, most liners last for around 15 years. When it’s time to replace the liner, it’s much more affordable than repairing cracked or damaged concrete.

Soft and Smooth

Vinyl pool liners are very soft to the touch. This makes them a pleasant addition to any pool. Concrete may feel rough and abrasive to bare skin, while vinyl is very smooth. Swimmers of all ages will appreciate the soft feel of vinyl under their feet.

When given the choice between a vinyl or a concrete pool, vinyl is the clear choice for many reasons. Vinyl is easier to clean and maintain, more cost-efficient, and even feels better to touch. A vinyl pool is sure to provide a homeowner with a lifetime of use.